Mandate Archive: The Qotah

The QotahThe Qotah were conquerors once, and frontier worlds were peeled of their humans so that the world-flocks could grow. But the Mandate Fleet broke them and extracted the Vow of Red Feathers, the pledge of peace that has held all through the Silence. But now these jewel-plumed hunters grow impatient, and some speak of the vow’s end. Is the frontier to face a furious sky once more?

Contained in this free Mandate Archive, you’ll find…
* The history, physiology, and alien mindset of the Qotah.
* The grim demands of the Kri and its check on their conquering ambitions.
* Plot seeds and capsule NPCs for quick insertion into any sci-fi game.
* Rules for Qotah PCs and guidelines on their play.

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