A Crimson Hour Draws Nigh….

After long months of unsleeping labor, Scarlet Heroes is almost ready for its impending Kickstart. Once the last ten pages of layout is complete and the sure hand of Eric Lofgren has been given the cover art topic, the project will be sufficiently close to completion for a timely kickstart execution.

So what is Scarlet Heroes? In brief, it’s a 128-page standalone RPG built to allow you to use classic OSR game material for single player/single GM gaming sessions. You can run this material with Scarlet Heroes or you can import certain mechanics from the game into your own favorite OSR system to allow for ultra-small-group sessions.

So who needs Scarlet Heroes? If you’ve ever been in a situation where you wanted to show a friend some old-school gaming goodness or share the fun with your spouse or your kid, you know that it’s not always practical to get an entire group together to give them an intro session. Even when you have a standing group, sometimes only one or two of them can make it to the game, and you’ve already played out your boardgame collection. When these situations come to hand, just grab your copy of Scarlet Heroes, pick out your favorite classic module, and go from zero to gaming in five minutes flat.

“But Kevin,” I hear you say, “being a canny, experienced, and extremely handsome GM of the sort that loves Sine Nomine products, I already have a large library of techniques for making solo-PC OSR games survivable!” And I’m sure you do. I’m sure I could hand you Keep on the Borderlands and you’d be able to figure out some way to make it survivable by a single 1st level B/X thief. But don’t you have more enjoyable uses for your time? Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to just grab some old-school content, call up a friend, and just game right there on the spot with no prep needed? Like so many of my other books, Scarlet Heroes works to give you the support you need to put your creativity and energy into the things that are most fun for you and your players.

In the weeks between now and the February start of the Kickstarter, I’ll be showing you some of the tools and resources I’ve packed into the book. But just to tip off a few of them…

  • Scarlet Heroes is based on the Red Tide campaign setting, but is built to accommodate more traditional worlds.
  • Save your pencil lead; use standard OSR attributes and statistics from existing products without needing to change numbers or adapt them to Scarlet Heroes rules.
  • Relish a piping-hot bestiary focused on Southeast Asian monsters and foes. Why? Because not only does it fit with the Red Tide setting, you already have several thousand stat blocks for Euro-flavored enemies.
  • You liked adventure tags in Stars Without Number? You liked them in Red Tide? Well have sixty more of them, divided between urban, wilderness, and dungeon tags.
  • Rules and tools for 100% solo, GM-less adventuring, mixing your own creative interpretations with the tables to give your hero an adventure at any time- or help you build the framework for your own creations.

Stay tuned. There’s more coming.