The House of Bone and Amber is Finished

Thanks to the tireless work of my artists, The House of Bone and Amber adventure for Spears of the Dawn has been finished and provided to all backers. PDF and print copies should be available through DriveThruRPG within a week or two, along with the public domain art package containing the art I used to make the file.

With this completion, the Spears of the Dawn Kickstarter is now finished. The core book was shipped two months early and the stretch reward was provided on time, thus making it fully successful within the promised time frame. It has been a frankly exhausting process and would have been quite impossible without the help of Luigi Castellani, Miguel “Pictishscout” Santos, Ejiwa Ebenebe, Pamela Ngouoghe, Mohammed Agbadi, Nicole Cardiff, Andrew Krahnke, IanMacLean, Earl Geier, and Sara Mirabella.

It’s quite likely I’ll come back to this mode of funding again some time in the future, when I have need of art or other polish for a particular work. One lesson that has been emphasized, however, is that the text of a product should be at least draft-complete before the KS begins. The strain of coordinating art, doing editing, handling layout, and dealing with the hundred and one practical business details needed during a kickstart is enormous, and a creator just isn’t likely to have much mental ease to actually write a project. It can be done, but it’s substantially harder than doing it while there isn’t a looming deadline and a group of several hundred backers to keep happy. If I hadn’t had Spears of the Dawn manuscript-complete before the campaign was fully funded, I’d have been very hard-pressed to get things in order as quickly as I did.

But things did work, and the kickstart was successful. It’s thanks to generous patrons such as they that I’m able to keep putting out books and I’m glad of the opportunity. Now that Spears of the Dawn is settled, it’s time to turn an eye back to Stars Without Number with Suns of Gold, a merchant campaign guide for those who want a little more commerce in their interstellar swashbuckling. I hope to have more details of it soon, but within its pages you’ll find guides for far trader commercial empires, tags for building the economic profile of the world, tools for creating suitably exotic new goods for these worlds to trade, and systems to let bold traders establish new colonies on distant worlds or deep in the void of space. With luck, it should be available by the end of May.