Getting Things Settled for Spears of the Dawn

As the tracker in the upper right implies, the Spears of the Dawn kickstarter was a rousing success, and a plain signal to other small publishers that there are plenty of people interested in this sort of topic. I’ve been communicating regularly with the project’s backers thus far giving updates on where things stand, but I’m dropping this note here so those of you equally interested, if perhaps less fiscally involved, also know what’s going on.

The Spears of the Dawn rulebook is completed. Backers have already received the low-art version with the existing pieces in place. I’m continuing to collect any typo reports or other bugs, but right now all it needs is the last art to be dropped into the slots assigned for it and it will be ready to submit for POD and shipping to the backers. Current expected delivery date is the promised March of 2013. It currently only lacks about 25 out of the 62 pieces of art, but these things never, ever go as smoothly as they ought to, so I can’t prudently promise things any faster than I first did. I’ll believe all troubles are behind me after the last book is in the last backer’s hands.

As a bonus, backers are also due PDF copies of The House of Bone and Amber, a module I wrote earlier this year for a Lamentations of the Flame Princess module campaign on IndieGoGo. Sadly, that campaign did not fund- but it did leave me with a 20K-word module in draft form. I’m hoping to get the module rewrite for Spears of the Dawn complete by the end of this weekend, and then rough it into a layout so I can begin commissioning color art for it. A piece from the Cameroonian artist Pamela Ngouoghe has already been arranged, and I’d like to get more African artists involved if possible, but the first priority is getting people their promised goods on time. Once the module is in rough layout, however, I can release it to the backers so they can use it in their own games and give feedback on anything that needs fixing.

All in all, the Kickstarter campaign has been very successful thus far. The only reason I hesitate to consider it a resounding success just yet is that it isn’t actually over until people get their products in hand. Once that happy day arrives, I dare say I’ll be using this funding source for other products as well.