Spears of the Dawn art and tools

BOWMAN_thumbSpears of the Dawn is moving apace, with a piece of example art by the talented Luigi Castellani shown here. I’m very pleased with the stable of artists I’m rounding up for the project, as several have already put forward some excellent work. While all of the art is meant to work well with Spears of the Dawn‘s setting, I’ve also been arranging pieces to be as useful as possible to other publishers and creators. As I’m going to be releasing it all into the public domain once Spears of the Dawn is published, I want it to be something other people can use for their own projects, something to encourage them to explore the possibilities outside our traditional gaming canon.

Aside from the art, Spears of the Dawn will have every bit of that sandbox support you’ve come to expect from Sine Nomine, scientifically desiccated down to the most ruthlessly efficient tables, sheets, and inspiration nuggets. One such nugget is the one sheet template, pages designed to provide a sandbox GM with quick answers for running a suddenly-necessary dungeon, urban structure, or street encounter.

Your players suddenly throw you a curveball, deciding to drop by the oba’s palace after dusk tonight and search for evidence of his pacting with unclean spirits. What do you do? You pull out the photocopied blank palace map you took from the rulebook, the one-sheet monster summary that lists the most common PC foes and their combat statistics, and this one sheet template for an urban palace. A handful of fast dice rolls marks out which rooms serve which purpose, studs it with suitable occupants, and tells you how to describe the loot the PCs might find in such a kingly abode. Similar one sheet templates are provided for tomb-houses, cavern complexes, street scenes, ruined dwellings, and lost shrines. This is just one of the sandbox tools included in the game- and handiest of all, most of them are entirely mechanics-neutral and suitable for your gaming system of choice!