House of Bone and Amber kickstarter at Indiegogo

Baltic storms crash on the salt-stained walls of Salatgriv. The crumbled ruins of the damnable fortress of Salismunde squat like a vulture above the ill-favored port town, and the wine-eyed heathens of the Tatar quarter hide within their houses of graven stone. There are savage whispers amid the townsfolk, and merchants clutch their purses at every start and shadow. Old Father Raum shrieks imprecations at the pagans from the steps of the altar, and the Tatar elder’s blood pools in the amber pits outside the town’s walls. Birgirmeistar Akmens is desperate to halt the bloodshed before it becomes a full-fledged pogrom, but who in the town can be trusted to save its people from their own murderous passions? It is a task for a band of red-handed outsiders, ruthless souls who’ll do what they must to earn the Birgirmeistar’s silver- and who have the mettle to bring bright steel to the cursed town’s black past. Will your heroes prove more terrible than the darkness that gathers, or will they be yet another bloody sacrifice beneath the House of Bone and Amber?

The House of Bone and Amber is an adventure for PCs of levels 4-7. It includes the fully-detailed port town of Salatgriv and a full cast of NPCs, with tools for using the town even after the grim events of the adventure have rolled over its streets. The sinister halls beneath the Salismunde are fleshed out in six separate sections that can be mixed and matched within the adventure- or pulled out entirely to insert into your own campaign when you need a quick delving of ineffable horror.

In conjunction with the Lamentations of the Flame Princess July Grand Adventures Campaign, I’ve brewed up something special for Indiegogo backers, and its success hinges on your support. I’ve had the rough draft sitting on my hard drive for a month, but it still needs that tender loving care that goes into making a good sandbox product, and you get to vote with your pocketbook on whether or not I should spend that effort. With Earl Geier on board to provide suitably horrific art, almost sixty rooms worth of dungeon-delving goodness, and the festering sink of bitter human passions you’d expect from one of my sandbox towns, I’d surely hope to be told that this is something people want me to finish. Have a look and tell your friends!