Hard Light and Printing

A question recently came up regarding printing copies of the Stars Without Number adventure Hard Light, available at DriveThruRPG for a truly nominal price. Print copies of Hard Light are available at Lulu, but those customers who’ve bought PDFs of the adventure are free to make print copies of it for personal use. For those Office Depot souls who insist on absolute proof that the PDF has been legitimately acquired, the customer’s name should appear in the watermarking in the page corner of the file.

Why isn’t this print copy available at DriveThruRPG? Largely because Hard Light was my first foray into laying out a product for print as well as PDF, and the end result, while it produced a fine Lulu copy, was not viable for POD from DriveThruRPG/RPGNow’s printer Lightning Source. In order to make it available at DTRPG, I’d have to lay the thing out again with the right margins. and I haven’t the time to see to it. But for those who won’t have it if it’s not in hardcopy, Lulu can fix you right up with 38 pages of sinister intrigue, alien tombs, and murderous stellar radiation.