25% Off Everything

Until 10 AM on August 1st, it’s Christmas in July at DriveThruRPG. Every Sine Nomine product is 25% off, including POD print items. For those of you who don’t care to wait for the Mongoose edition and its bonus content coming out in September, you can swoop in and grab yourself a shiny Stars Without Number hardback for all of twenty dollars. Is there some other place you can get 210 pages of sci-fi RPG goodness in a lustrous hardcover format for twenty dollars? Perhaps, but they have not left their address with me, so I am forced to forge ahead on that path without assistance.

Also keep in mind the chance to snatch up such items as Red Tide for your fantasy gaming and Labyrinth Lord exertions, also ringing in at twenty dollars for a hardback with included PDF. Or grab yourself some tools for computer hacking and new cyberware in Polychrome. Whatever you choose, now’s the time to grab it, because you won’t see another sale like this for a long time to come.