Clippings: Ship Malfunctions and Mishaps

One of a series of little snippets offered here on the website to our attentive patronage.

1d8 Ship Malfunctions and Occasions of Distress
1 A surge of metadimensional energy on reentry into normal space blows out the ship’s life support recyclers. The crew needs to land somewhere breathable within a day or two or they’ll suffocate.
2 Severe radioactivity leak in the engine room. The ship needs to land or dock to repair it, but any space station or city will charge a huge sum for allowing a radioactive vessel to land.
3 One of the NPC crew finally snaps, desperate to get off the ship and onto a habitable world. They’re willing to kill if it gets them off the ship.
4 One of the NPC crew just happens to have brought aboard a serious, virulently contagious disease. The locals are likely to vaporize the craft as a prophylactic measure if its presence is discovered.
5 A life support filter has suffered a drastic failure- or sabotage?- and is now pumping toxins into the ship. (Physical Effect save every hour or lose 1d2 points of Con. At less than 3 Con, the victim is unconscious, and dies at 0 Con. Lost points are recovered at the rate of one per day.) The filter can be repaired, but a failed Tech/Astronautics roll means that vital components must be cannibalized from the spike drive.
6 A faulty distress beacon on the ship triggers briefly before being shut down, though it’s taken the ship’s comm system down with it. A ship with a higher-rated spike drive is accelerating to meet the PC’s ship. Is it a good Samaritan? A pirate?
7 A sudden drive failure provokes a misdrill, leaving the ship unable to move at the far edge of the system, dangerously close to a highly radioactive space station that appears to have been long-since abandoned. A call for help might bring aid from the inner system- or it might bring pirates.
8 A power grid overload has fused the navigation controls at full throttle. A manual shutdown would ruin the drive, but if it isn’t halted somehow the ship will dive directly into the system’s sun. Meanwhile, the overload appears to be traced to a bizarre alien artifact that seems to have been used by a prior owner to jury-rig the system.