The Godbound Kickstarter is Now Live

KS_TanHoSim_MAGICSPLASHThe Godbound Kickstarter is now live.

Godbound is a game of legendary heroes bound to the Words of Creation, budding demigods in a world that is crumbling around them. The chaos of the Former Empires has guttered down into a thousand years of slow decay, but now the Godbound have arisen to forge something more than an epitaph for a broken cosmos.

Godbound is built with a classic old-school framework, yet with Sine Nomine-style modifications to support truly mythic levels of power and influence. Familiar concepts are used to smooth the path to divinity and help GMs import material from existing old-school games to serve as challenges for PC heroes and building blocks for their own ideas. And of course, the whole thing is lavished with 40 pages of system-neutral Sine Nomine adventure creation tools and domain mechanisms to help a GM actually give a pantheon of demigods a genuinely challenging situation to handle.

Godbound is meant to give the GM and the players the tools they need to make their mythic heroism manageable. In its pages, you’ll find…

  • A complete game in one book, with everything necessary to fashion Godbound heroes and explore their impending legends. The deluxe version which backers will receive will also include rules for mortal heroes and themed Godbound, such as paragons of human capability, primordial shapeshifters, refugees from destiny, or elemental scions.
  • 25 Words of Creation and examples of the divine gifts they might grand those who bind them. Guidelines and details on how to create your own Words and gifts.
  • Low magic traditions to flavor mortal sorcerers, and the high secrets of theurgy to grace the mightiest of wizards and Godbound theurges.
  • Adventure creation tools that help you create interesting noble courts, ancient ruins, social challenges, and other obstacles with an eye toward giving even demigods a worthwhile challenge.
  • Flexible mechanics for creating major changes in the world by means of a Godbound’s powers and divine authority. Not only that, but tools and techniques for GMs to turn these changes into adventure grist and opportunities to challenge the PCs.
  • A lightweight domain system for handling the dueling of hostile nations, cabals, tribes, and cults, all arranged so as to interface smoothly with the heroics and powers of PC Godbound.
  • Monstrous foes fit to challenge the might of divinities, along with guides for converting existing old-school monsters into worthy opponents.
  • The example realm of Arcem, ready with foes and glories alike awaiting the mighty deeds of Godbound heroes.
  • Artifacts of divine might and how to create them, both for the GM and the PCs.

And that’s just what’s in the free version to be released in beta at the month’s end. At the end of the month, backers will get a draft of the deluxe version, which will be sold with an additional 40 pages that cover mortal heroes, themed Godbound, the supernatural martial arts known as Strifes, the clockworks and cybernetic augmentations of Vissio and the Bright Republic, the hulking theotechnical war machines known as Godwalkers, and more besides.

After four successful Kickstarters delivered either early or on-time, you can rest assured that Godbound is going to get finished. You can pledge right now and download the free beta 1.1 from the first backer-only update. I don’t launch a Kickstarter unless draft manuscripts are in place and ready to download, among other risk minimization techniques, so you’re going to get this book on time and to spec as long as I’m alive to deliver it by September’s end.