Writing for Sine Nomine games

Every now and then someone inquires as to the prospect of writing material for my games and supplements. Since it’s a question that crops up regularly, it seems worthwhile to put things down here where all the interested parties can see them. While I can’t represent the following as a properly particular legal contract, I can say that if you stay within these lines I won’t object a bit to whatever you might care to do.

First, all non-commercial writing of any kind is welcome. Feel free to reference my settings or reproduce any of my free material. If you’re not charging money for it, you should feel free to do what you like.

Second, whether commercial or non-commercial, you should feel free to copy any and all of the mechanical elements of my games provided you use your own wording and setting content. If some questionably-rational soul wanted to clone Stars Without Number and redid the entire book in his own words and with his own setting, well, I’d applaud his dedication. If you like concepts or ideas in the book, feel free to reproduce them in your own idiom. If you think the end result is reasonably compatible with Stars Without Number or one of my other games, you can feel free to plainly say as much as well, provided you don’t represent the work as being “official” content.

Third, if you have some project that doesn’t fit the above, you can always ask me. Not everything fits my plans for my game lines, but it can’t hurt to ask.

Hopefully the points above will be of some use to designers who want to do something with the games and supplements I’ve written. I welcome any interest in my games, and it’s always a pleasure to see people getting some profitable use out of them.

Spears of the Dawn PDF is Finished

The Spears of the Dawn final PDF is finished and has been made available to backers via a backer-only update, two and a half months before the listed deadline of March 2013. I’ve also sent out a survey to get the mailing addresses of print-copy backers, and I expect them to trickle in while I wait for the print proofs to check out. Assuming I get things right on the first try, they’ll be ready for shipping in the first week of February, and folks should start to get their paper rewards once the mails do their work there. OneBookshelf will be handling the fulfillment of the orders, so they can be expected to get them out briskly and in proficient fashion.

That leaves The House of Bone and Amber for completion. The cover is done and some interior work, but I still need to finish a few more maps before I can hand out the draft to backers in a playable condition. I still don’t dare promise PDF delivery before the end of March on it, as I’ve never done a color product before, but I wouldn’t be terribly surprised if I got it done ahead of the deadline. I have an intense aversion to having this Kickstarter still out there,  even if it’s not late, and I won’t be able to rest easy until it’s in the hands of everyone who’s pledged for it.

Once the PDF and print versions of Spears of the Dawn are ready and the backer addresses have been given to OBS, I’ll turn it on for public purchase for those who weren’t able to get into the Kickstarter or who wanted to be cautious about backing it. The same will happen in turn with The House of Bone and Amber once the backers have all gotten their PDF copies.