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Post-Apocalyptic Roleplaying in the world of Stars Without Number.

Other Dust Coming For X-Mas in July

Every year, from July 24th through July 30th, OneBookShelf¬† runs their “X-Mas in July” sale. A hefty 25% gets sliced from thousands of products, and this year Other Dust will be among them. I should have enough time for at least two cycles of proofing if needed, so I would anticipate that you’ll soon be able to snatch up a handsome hardcover or crisp new PDF for a mere trifle of of your hard-earned cash. I can make no promises, but the extra time might just allow me to cook up a free mini intro adventure for Other Dust and some quick-play rules for the curious.

Of course, Other Dust is completely compatible with Stars Without Number, so the novelty isn’t in the rules- it’s in the tools and resources packed in for creating post-apocalyptic sandbox campaigns. Just as SWN is jam-packed with resources for fabricating your own stellar reaches, Other Dust is crammed with more than a hundred and twenty pages of content devoted to making a GM’s life easier and more entertaining. The world tags so beloved in SWN make a reappearance, with 40 new tags for defining your post-apocalyptic enclaves and 30 more for adding flavor to your desolate wasteland ruins. The new Groups rules help a GM run the myriad enclaves and clans of the badlands, with tools for their conflicts and the ways in which PCs can help and hinder their causes. The Adventure Creation helps organize your creation process, providing post-apoc themes and associated plot templates that you easily can fill in with tag information. And thanks to the compatibility with SWN, you can seamlessly lift everything from the book for use in your interstellar campaigns- new classes, new gear, new horrible xeno-beasts, and new tools for creating burnt-over tomb worlds for your intrepid starfarers to encounter.

The End is Nigh in July.

Clippings: Other Dust and Item Creation

The upcoming standalone Other Dust is a post-apocalyptic game set in the ashes of Terra after the cataclysmic destruction unleashed by the Scream. It has been two hundred years since the Mandate fell in dust and radioactive flames, and now the PCs are among the handful of savages, scroungers, and hard-bitten survivalists who struggle to make something better out of the welter of chaos and nanomutation that infests humanity’s birthplace. While the basic game system of Other Dust is identical to that of Stars Without Number, the genre requires a few supplementary rules to help cover situations common to such a desperate situation. Aside from hunting and foraging guidelines and rules for starvation, thirst, and nanoinfection, equipment is much more important in a post-apocalyptic setting than in the default space-operatic world of Stars Without Number.

In a savage hellscape of radiation and cannibal mutants, you don’t just buy a new spear when your old one is broken in the guts of a runaway warbot armature. Reliable vendors of reloaded ammunition and refurbished power armor are also in short supply. Some of the richest or most secure Enclaves might have such peddlers, and it might be that you’ve got enough food or technology to convince them to part with their wares, but often as not you’re going to need to either salvage your gear from your enemies, get it from grateful allies, or build it yourself. Below the cut, you’ll find an the current draft rules for scroungers and survivalists who want to put together their own gear.

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